Why is Crazy Auto Liker Safe?


Crazy Liker is a facebook auto likes exchange tool & which is the most secure auto liker working on facebook Graph Api.

First thing you should note that we don't save your facebook credentials on our database. We take your access token to login to Crazy Liker & your token will be saved on our database till it expires. But if you login on crazy liker by mistake & you want to remove your access token from our database , You just have to contact us with a request to remove your access token and we will remove it permanently or you can make it expire by changing your facebook password. The access token we save to our database have certain permissions such as liking posts.

We don't sell , share , exchange or do any misuse facebook access tokens or any information of our users . We are 100% spam free auto liker & we will not post anything in a group, wall or page . We only use your access tokens for liking , giving reactions to other posts & following other users. After login if you don't want your account to like , giving reactions to posts & following other users then after login you can change password of your facebook account.. By doing this your token will expire instantly and will be deleted automatically from our database.
If you have any problems you can contact us.